About Me

So, who am I?  You can call me Liza.  I’m a 30-something writer, blogger, and all around creative person who is returning to the world of public blogging after a lengthy absence (though that might be for the better — the musings of my teenage self left something to be desired, and my 20-something self hadn’t found a blogging niche yet so the things she talked about probably weren’t that interesting to anyone other than her).

Why am I here?  I want to share information on living without dairy or soy, and maybe share some information and pictures of the kiddos with friends and family – wait, did I forget to mention that? Not only do I have a collection of furkids (and a tortoise!), I also have two completely human children to call my own.

What do I hope to accomplish?  I hope to make the transition to the dairy- and soy-free lifestyle easier for other people who have discovered food sensitivities.  I also plan to share random other tips and tricks that I run across or come up with myself.


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