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Episode 5: Granola Bars (Wheat-, Dairy-, and Soy-Free)

In the length of time I have not posted any new recipes, I’ve discovered that I also cannot eat wheat, tapioca, and quite a few other things. So I’ve been modifying quite a few recipes, and searching for already existing … Continue reading

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Episode 4: Chocolate Chunk Walnut Cookies

My whole family has had the flu, to varying degrees, over the past week. We even had to rush one person to the ER for dehydration…. (They aren’t kidding when they say to drink lots of fluids when you are … Continue reading

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Episode 3: Decadent Truffle Frosting

Tonight, my friends, I have created a thing of beauty.  A thing of absolute beauty. I had no intentions to, of course.  I simply started following a recipe.  A recipe of which I have made the cupcakes several times, but … Continue reading

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Episode 2: Cream Cheese Mints

Christmas has come and gone, four times!, for my family.  Now that we’re all done with the giving and receiving, I thought I would share a Christmas gift with you: an unbelievably delicious mint recipe.  This is what I made … Continue reading

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Episode 1: Welcome to my world — have some brownies!

Hello, Dear Readers! Today we will cover a few topics which are sure to titillate your imaginations: Who I am. Why I’m here. What I hope to accomplish. And, if you make it through all of that, a recipe for … Continue reading

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